With the added requirement for clubs to monitor player harm minimisation compliance and potential money laundering, any tool that can assist becomes a powerful business tool for managers and gaming floor staff in clubs and hotels. Most gaming systems can only highlight triggers when players are carded or use a general and non-specific trigger to identify non-carded play. Sint’s Cash Trax and Play Trax is even more effective as it can monitor carded and non-carded play and is integrated with your gaming and operational systems.


Cash Trax is an AML transaction monitoring, detection and reporting software tool using an AI based machine-learning process that analyses suspicious gaming activity and irregular player behaviours that deviate from an accepted baseline, and reports against a venue threshold measurement.

In simple terms, you set up an initial benchmark for player spending behaviours in your club, combined with OLGR thresholds, and the system learns and develops to the point where it can differentiate between ‘normal’ and ‘irregular’ behaviours. That means no more pages and pages of false reports are flagged that take up time and resource costs to investigate.

CashTrax then collates and compiles all irregular transactional data and reports, which enables easy access for further investigation and reporting if required. And, you know that they are all true suspicious activities, not false positives.

Cash Trax can also operate within your Notify Me paging system from Sint or integrated into your existing paging system. Cash Trax has expanded and can be integrated with your existing Cherry Check or ERM Online advanced reporting tools.

Notifications and alerts can be directed to managers via paging, SMS, or email, with documentation of the incident being entered live and uploaded to the venues preferred operational reporting platform.


The focus of RCG has now changed from following simple harm minimisation regulations to a strong proactive approach to managing player health and harm minimisation for vulnerable players. Unfortunately, gaming system alerts are normally targeted around carded players so having alerts for uncarded players when it comes to RCG is almost impossible based on the gaming systems 15min update cycle, and lack of session time calculations for uncarded players.

Play Trax can monitor player behaviour, session times and potential issues on a live floor whether players are using a membership card in the machine or not. Picking up play anomalies with both carded and non-carded players provides significant support for club and hotel managers and RCG Officers, particularly during busy periods.

Play Trax uses similar technology to Cash Trax to provide managers with RCG alerts through paging system integration to action any potential issues immediately. Play Trax alerts are configurable with escalating red, amber and green alerts for members and non-members playing both EGM and MTGM machines.

Similar to Cash Trax for money laundering, Play Trax messages can be directed to any paging system, mobile SMS messages, or email. Integration with inhouse reporting platforms ensure documentation of the incident is uploaded live into shift reports.

Find our more about Cash Trax and Play Trax by visiting the Sint Technology Group Stand 791 at AGE 2023.