Compatible with all gaming loyalty systems, Notify.Me is a leading paging system used by many clubs and pubs because of its strong customer focus including on-demand food and beverage ordering from poker machines, entry detection notification for VIP players, escalated messaging for higher tier customers and being able to assign designated attendants to specific members or tiers for better service speed.

The true advantage to the Notify.Me paging system is its flexibility to integrate with virtually any device that your club or hotel uses, as well as enhancements specifically supported and developed for the system.

Sound/decibel level monitoring

The latest in-built addition to Notify.Me is the introduction of a sound level monitoring system. This is a growing problem for clubs and hotels in suburban locations and particularly for clubs with apartment developments nearby or in the same building. Residents commonly complain about noise from outdoor gaming and noisy patrons entering or leaving the venue.

This unique technology from Sint ensures the club can monitor noise levels live, providing immediate paging or SMS alerts to managers of potential noise level breaches that may effect a venue’s liquor licence.

Most importantly, the monitoring also provides clubs with documented compliance evidence in the event a situation arises where the club is accused of exceeding the appropriate DB levels internally or externally.

Cash Trax – A Live AML reporting tool

The Cash Trax system is an AML transaction monitoring, detection and reporting software tool using an AI based machine-learning process that analyses suspicious gaming activity and irregular player behaviours that deviate from an accepted baseline and reports against a venue threshold measurement. In simple terms, you set up an initial benchmark for player spending behaviours in your club and the system learns and develops to the point where it can differentiate between ‘normal’ and ‘irregular’ behaviours.

 Cool room and temperature monitoring

The cost of food wastage in the current economic environment is a target for many venues with a laser focus on spending. Notify.Me can be set up to monitor the cool room for temperature fluctuations. If the temperature drops below a pre-set minimum, it notifies the manager of the issue. A resolution can be underway immediately to ensure there is no loss of stock.


To find out more about how the new inbuilt features of Notify.Me can work for your venue contact:

Jason Drew

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