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It’s a busy weekend and the carpark is quickly filling up with members coming for dinner and a show. By 7pm when all the spaces are taken, five of your valued top tier customers turn up to spend the next 4-5 hours at your club and discover the car park is full. The next club is only a short drive away, so they drive off to spend the evening at your competitor’s venue. What did that just cost your business?

Parking is a vital component of the customer service delivery at all clubs, particularly in the major and large coastal cities where parking is limited. Many clubs now offer a VIP Parking section within their carparks to ensure the most supportive customers have space available, but technology is now available that makes this an even more significant personalised service for those members. Sint’s Park.Me wireless system offers smart management of the car parking facilities that can ensure all your valuable customers are accommodated effectively on busy nights and you don’t lose out to a competing business

How has parking changed?

Technology is accelerating change in car park management. Simple parking management systems have been available for some time that allow members to swipe for entry through a boom gate into a carpark, but these let cars in based on an entry/exit count and can be incorrect. Customers become frustrated driving around a car park looking for a spot and end up driving away frustrated by the experience. The contemporary solutions, that are often seen in shopping centre carparks, include overhead red/green lights above spaces, and individual space counting equipment that have expensive cabling needs for both power and lighting. This is a financial barrier for most clubs.

Sint has solved this cost barrier with their Park.Me wireless car park management system that uses the latest RF (radio frequency) technology and extended battery life capabilities to reduce extensive cabling costs and entry barriers.

With Sint’s Park.Me system you can utilise members cards to swipe for entry, or the system can use number plate recognition. Both options will reference back to the club’s gaming system for accurate member validation and streamlines the process for customers. No more swiping issues frustrating top tier members.

Park.Me unique advantages

The technology advantages offered by Park.Me ensure you can use your car park more effectively but offer a VIP service experience to your members. Here are a few of the club specific advantages

  • Members swipe facilities with added tier and points spend capabilities.
  • Full integration with in-house gaming and paging systems.
  • Monitoring car park occupancy precisely, per space, NOT just entry/exit counting.
  • Traditional ticket systems that include payment for guests if you want to make money from commuters during the day.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Integrated App capabilities for members App showing location availability.

To find out how you can make parking a better customer experience using Sint’s Park.Me Technology contact: https://www.sint.com.au/park-me-car-park-management-system/

1300 175 994 (Australian wide)

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A slow and steady phased reopening schedule for clubs and hotels will be heavily monitored by state governments across the country. Discussions are already underway between government and industry bodies which include limited numbers of people in venues in a staged re-opening plan, as well as possible temperature monitoring. Sint’s thermal body temperature monitoring system and Count.Me people counters can work as standalone units, or in conjunction with their Notify.Me messaging platform to provide real-time, advanced temperature reads, alerts, and occupancy management.  If a member enters the venue with a high temperature, or the numbers of guests in the venue near the maximum, the systems will alert management teams. An automated system reduces human error and provides a reportable and practical visible solution, providing confidence for both staff and customers

New travel industry research confirms that Australians have no holiday plans for some time due to concerns over COVID-19, which means they will have money to spend on local entertainment and probably a strong desire to socialise. Even this week with only 10 people allowed in a venue at one time, the few cafes and restaurants that are opening are seeing significant bookings and multiple seating sessions. Authorities will be closely watching guest numbers in venues and an outbreak of coronavirus in a club or hotel will cause a policy reversal that would be devastating to the industry. Taking control of both visitor numbers and monitoring temperature readings is a risk management solution and opportunity for every club.

Count.Me People Counting

Many clubs are already using Sint’s products including the Notify.Me Messaging and paging platform and Enviro-Mon to monitor crucial temperature alerts for cool rooms and sensitive areas within the venue such as indoor and outdoor gaming rooms.

With Sint’s Count.Me software and hardware plugin, clubs can monitor door and room counts, notifying the staff live of numbers of customers in each area of the club, including numbers at the bar or in the restaurant. This technology ensures live accurate headcounts are maintained as the numbers of customers allowed increases throughout the next stages. People count alerts can be sent to the managers based on the percentage of people in an area.

People Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Sint has two different temperature monitoring solutions available: a large-scale monitoring system for bigger clubs, and a smaller tripod solution that is an affordable option for smaller clubs and hotels. Both are accurate and fast and have already been tested and operated in high traffic areas such as railway stations, shopping centres, hospitals and airports around the world.

For larger clubs the Intelligent Thermal Body Temperature System offers real time high frequency image capture, storage and transmission and allows for a preset temperature range with a ± 0.4 ℃ reading accuracy. The thermal cameras can be fitted to ceilings and walls, and on tripods for club entry areas. It will quickly find and mark the people with fevers and send an automatic alarm at the same time.

For smaller clubs and hotels, the Dual Vision Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager can be set up in entry areas to measure and monitor visitors. For an overview check out the video here>>>>

Notify.Me Messaging Integration

The integration of the temperature monitoring solutions and the people counting software with Sint’s Notify.Me messaging platform transforms these technologies into smart solutions for managing in-venue health concerns and head count management.

For any venue re-opening in the coming months as the headcounts increase in Stage 2 and 3, an outbreak of COVID-19 in your club or hotel, will have significant financial and reputational business impact…just at the wrong time. Mitigating the risks by using thermal body temperature and occupancy management systems is available at several price points to suit all venues.

To discuss the range of products for your venue contact:

Jason Drew

Secom/Sint – Phone:  1300 781 224